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Teresa Prevatte

Teresa Prevatte

I am a graduate of Wake Forest University's Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UNCG and was in the B.F.A. Acting program during my first three years at UNCG.  Prior to attending Wake Forest, I worked at UNCSA and was fortunate enough to get to know many of the students.  I was inspired by their creativity, dedication and heart.  I also came to understand some of the unique pressures and stressors students face while training in an arts conservatory. Much of my research in the past year has been focused on mental health and performing artists.  I am excited to return to UNCSA and I hope to provide a caring space that fosters self-discovery, healing and growth.       

Return later when you will find more information about my education, experience, and philosophy of counseling, as well as my Professional Disclosure Statement and Résumé.

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